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Spells of Genesis (SoG) is an upcoming trading card/arcade game, from Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft, which will integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline. It is targeted for release in late 2015 for iOS and Android devices.

BitCrystals Dragon

Join a worldwide community where players compete to be the best on the leaderboard! Spells of Genesis is the next game from the creators of Moonga, a popular mobile game where players test their strategies against global challengers using digital trading cards (think Magic the Gathering).

Our first title has been available since 2010 on iOS and Android, the first successful game of its genre.

  • Ranked the No. 1 role playing game 2010 (Japan)
  • Top 50 games of all categories 2010 (Japan)
  • 250,000+ Global Downloads
  • 150,000+ Registered Users
  • 3,000,000+ cards sold/distributed
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Post-Sale Report

BCY Report

If you have not sent us your XCP address yet, please fill in the following form ASAP, so we can send you your BCY and cards. FILL IN THE FORM.

MBTC Blocks

The BitCrystals Token Sale

The BitCrystals Token Sale is a crowdfund to support the development of Spells of Genesis. When you buy BitCrystals, you become a backer of the project. This means you get rewarded with the game’s premium currency while funding its development. You can then use your BitCrystals to purchase new card decks and game items or trade them online.

To be initially offered at the rate of 15,000 BitCrystals per BTC, the price will increase every 5 days. The Token Sale ends after 30 days or when all the BitCrystals are sold, whichever occurs first. Unsold BitCrystals will be burned.

#1 - End of Token Sale (release 25% of funds raised)

Swapbots (trading card vending machines) configured to accept BitCrystals only. Alpha version of Spells of Genesis playable in a web browser, all the blockchain-based trading cards sold up to then will be playable in Moonga.

#2 - October 2015 (release 25% of funds raised)

Early beta version of Spells of Genesis with 10 different game levels. The game will allow to connect a Counterwallet and transfer card assets. Extra levels will be available. For example if a player owns 100 GEMZ a special GEMZ level will be playable. A player will be able to view their assets on Counterwallet as digital game items.

#3 - February 2016 (release 25% of funds raised)

Fully featured beta version of the game with all components present. Several levels will be playable, the game interface and story will be complete. The game will have a wallet and payment method.

#4 - April 2016 (release 25% of funds raised)

Final development of the game with over 100 game levels and 150+ cards. With the ability for players to play in groups (guilds), to create their own levels, characters as digital asset, and also trade them.

As an extra guarantee to our contributors we want to receive funds raised during our token sale ONLY if we deliver Spells of Genesis and its features as planned. All the funds raised will be held in a multisig wallet.

The key officers are:

Erik Voorhees is among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, understanding Bitcoin as one of the most important inventions ever created by humanity.
Having been a featured guest on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC, BBC Radio, The Peter Schiff Show, and numerous Bitcoin and industry conferences, Erik humbly suggests that there is no such thing as a “free market” when the institution of money itself is centrally planned and controlled.

Jeremy Johnson is a big believer in blockchain technologies and the founder and lead developer of CoinDaddy.io. He also wrote the counterpartychain.io and dogepartychain.io blockchain viewers and free APIs. CoinDaddy is a crypto 2.0 services company that makes blockchain technologies easier to understand for users to grasp their power, while providing tools for them to use today and benefit their lives.

Funds will be released by the officers ONLY on satisfactory completion of each of the four milestones.

EverdreamSoft will be collecting funds during the token sale to support and further the development of Spells of Genesis as well as future ideas. It is important to realize that Bitcoin valuation fluctuates continuously and EverdreamSoft has a well thought out hedging plan. During the token sale we will be liquidating portions of the incoming Bitcoin into FIAT currency.

EverdreamSoft liabilities (mostly paying developers, illustrators, and team members) will be primarily denominated in USD and BTC. We will convert up to 70% BTC to USD during the token sale. All USD assets will be held in a multi signature account (by the same key officers) until the milestones are reached and funds are released.

70,000,000 BitCrystals will be available for purchase during the Token Sale. Some BitCrystals may be sold before the token sale to early investors.

Bitcrystals Distribution

Download the BitCrystals Token Sale Terms and Conditions PDF

Download the BitCrystals Token Sale Agreement PDF

How do I purchase BitCrystals?

We are partnering with ShapeShift for the BitCrystals Token Sale, this will allow our contributors to use BTC and over 40 supported altcoins. BitCrystals are a Counterparty asset, at the time of purchase you will have the option to submit a Counterparty compatible address, like Counterwallet. This is necessary for us to send you BitCrystals after the sale end.

Submitting a Counterwallet address is optional at the time of purchase, if you don’t have one, or don’t know how to get one, don’t worry, we will release instructions by the end of the token sale. We will email everyone who has not provided a Counterwallet address when ordering, at the email provided, requesting a distribution address. You can browse through our FAQ for more info on how to create a Counterwallet, however we will also provide our own easy way to store and use BitCrystals in the very near future, stay tuned.

Purchasing BitCrystals with Altcoins

If you intend purchasing BitCrystals with altcoins supported by ShapeShift be aware that you will have a 10 minute window to complete your order. Please pay close attention to this because if, for instance, you are sending coins from Counterwallet, the time frame may not be sufficient for your transaction to complete. In such an event, our friends at ShapeShift will be there to help you with their support team. Take note of the transaction ID for the payment in your wallet and send an email to ShapeShift directly at support@shapeshift.zendesk.com.

However, we recommend using Counterparty compatible wallets which process transactions much faster than Counterwallet like:

Also keep in mind that when purchasing with certain, more popular, altcoins there will be a limit of about 4 BTC worth per order. When submitting your order if you have entered an invalid amount you will get a warning and you will have to enter a new value. You can buy as many BTC worth of BitCrystals as you wish with altcoins, but you will have to submit multiple orders if they exceed a certain threshold.

Purchasing BitCrystals with Bitcoin

If you intend purchasing BitCrystals with Bitcoin you can send your contribution from literally any wallet. There are no limitations in the amount of BTC you can contribute to the token sale, even in a single order. Furthermore, there is not a 10 minute time limit to complete your transaction, once you send BTC they will be processed as soon as they are confirmed, however long it takes.

To Sum It Up

You can send any amount of BTC from any wallet with no time limit to complete transactions. We suggest to avoid using Counterwallet to purchase BitCrystals with altcoins because your transaction may take longer than 10 minutes to complete, alternatively, use the recommended wallets mentioned above.

When will token sale contributors receive BitCrystals?

BitCrystals will be distributed within two weeks after the end of the token sale. It may happen within a few days or it may take longer, depending on the amount of contributors. We will do our best to deliver as soon as feasibly possible.

When will eligible token sale contributors receive SATOSHICARD and GENESISCARD?

SATOSHICARD and GENESISCARD will be distributed within one week after the end of the token sale. We will do our best to deliver as soon as feasibly possible.

What if only little funds get raised during the Token Sale?

For a fully featured game as per milestone #4 we estimate the cost to be around $200,000 US. We will keep developing Spells of Genesis as much as we can with the funds that are raised, however much that is. If we raise very little completion of the milestones may take longer than expected and we will have to review them or get the community to vote for priorities.

What payment methods will be accepted for the Token Sale?

Bitcoin and thanks to Shapeshift, any altcoin accepted on their platform.

How do the key officers know when to release the funds?

When EDS believes that one of the milestones has been completed the key officers will have to test each claimed feature of the game and make sure they are happy with the results before releasing the funds.

How to create a counterwallet?

Have a look at our blogpost here.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us at bitcrystals@everdreamsoft.com.

BitCrystals Token Sale Update

Player Rewards

We want to allow our supporters to get a little or more extra based on their contribution, so we have created several reward opportunities for Players and Partners. Our aim is to offer an incentive and even allow everyone who wishes so to become a reseller of SoG in-game items and blockchain-based trading cards. The different levels are explained in the below video.

Partner Rewards

Reward Rates

Price per day

SoG Player Grades

BitCrystals : 3000
BitCrystals : 16,000
BitCrystals : 32,000
BitCrystals : 47,000
Rank Rewards
Lifetime Player Blue
Lifetime Player Silver
Lifetime Player Gold
Lifetime Player Black
Genesis card





Early beta access
Access to early versions of the game and early updates.
Satoshi card

1x (Limited to 50 first)

Access to the Private Forum
Discount on the Standard Store

- 5%

- 10%

Monthly discount limit
Maximum amount of BitCrystals spent in the Store at a discounted rate.



32,000 BitCrystals

47,000 BitCrystals

Access to Premium Store
The Premium Store is where some cards are sold exclusively.

This table was created with Compare Ninja.

SoG Partner Grades

BitCrystals : 63,000
BitCrystals : 130,000
BitCrystals : 315,000
BitCrystals : 625,000
Rank Rewards
Lifetime Partner Silver
Lifetime Partner Gold
Lifetime Partner Platinum
Lifetime Partner Black
All Player Platinum Rewards
Partner gets all rewards earned by Player Platinum.
Satoshi card (limited to the first 20 Partners)





Genesis card

(4) +1

(4) +2

(4) +3

(4) +4

Access to the exclusive Partner Store
The Partner Store is exclusive to partners/resellers, all items for sale (cards, levels, game items) will be available a month prior to the official release date.
Discount on Premium and Partner Store

- 5%

- 10%

- 15%

Monthly discount limit
Maximum amount of BitCrystals spent in the Store at a discounted rate.


250,000 BitCrystals

650,000 BitCrystals

1,300,000 BitCrystals

Extended Goals

Extended Goals

Our minimum goal to complete the four milestones is to raise 730BTC, the equivalent of 200,000 USD. However by raising more funds we can unlock our Extended Goals and add exciting new features to the game, like Player vs Player and user generated tournaments via Smart Contracts.

Blockchain-Based Trading Cards



"By introducing promotional distributions of exciting Counterparty projects like SoG we are able to attract new audiences to partake. With FDCARD being exclusively earned via the folding mechanism, and one of the first ways in which one could earn BitCrystals, FoldingCoin became more known in the gaming communities."

Robert Ross Folding Coin Dir & Founder


“We are looking forward to this collaboration with EverdremSoft, we are open to cooperate with other projects in the space and a trading card game based on blockchain technology is an interesting and original idea, a good opportunity to promote Storj to a broader audience."

Shawn Wilkinson Storj Lead Dev & Founder


“We are excited by how fast the Bitcoin 2.0 space is growing. When EverdreamSoft offered us the opportunity to collaborate by creating a GEMZCARD we felt it was a unique and fun way for GetGems to expand its reach to the gaming community.”

Daniel Peled GetGems CEO & Founder


Limited to 200 Units


“By putting digital game assets directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, Spells of Genesis has initiated a new megatrend. Everyone will be doing this soon.”

Erik Voorhees CEO ShapeShift.io